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Social markers, and snot

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Oct. 6th, 2009 | 12:39 pm

As the autumn chill descends upon our noses, and the mighty triumvirate of bicycles, hoodies, and hankies comes to the fore, I am made grateful once again for having switched from facial tissues to snot rags. While bombing down Gray's Ferry last night, I rediscovered the utilitarian nose-blowing ease of having a hanky half hanging out of a back pocket, which is easier than having it tucked in all the way. In other words, I was flagging.

Because my hankies are garden variety white and I am right handed, I was flagging white on the right. If this is to be taken as a fetish signifier, I suppose it's not so inaccurate. But reviewing the list, I'm thinking that I might want to invest in some gingham and argyle cotton to rip down to hanky size. It doesn't hurt that I like gingham and argyle anyway.

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